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Internet newsgroup alt.internet.wireless is an open discussion forum and good resource for information on Wireless Internet implementations.


Sunday March 19 16:40:24 2000

alt.internet.wireless Accessing the internet via wireless devices.

Many experts are predicting the death of the desktop computer as the leading method of accessing the Internet, saying a variety of wireless handheld devices (such as mobile phones, palm-sized computers and other similar devices) will soon rule the day instead. For example some experts predict there will probably be more that 500 million internet ready cellular phones in world-wide use in two or three years.

While such experts are frequently wrong, it does seem that there will be enough usage to support a newsgroup devoted to the subject.

Currently this discussion on Usenet is split among numerous groups. A Deja search for "wireless internet" returns the following groups: Forums 1-39 of 39

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