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This article covers the practical aspects of wireless access to the Internet via Satellite.

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Introduction to Satellite

Satellite Internet comes in two flavors:

  • One-way systems use a conventional Internet link (usually telephone) for upload and the satellite link for high-speed download.
  • Two-way systems add a transmitter to the satellite modem and upload via the satellite.

Satellite speeds are typically in the 0.5 to 2.0 Mbps range for download, and approximately 1/10th of the download speed for upload in a two-way system. In addition, there is about a 400 millisecond latency involved in sending a signal from a base-station to a satellite and back to Earth. Consequently, satellite connections aren't fully competitive with other home broadband Internet options.

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(Formerly DIRECWAY, which was formerly DirecPC)

Connection Types

4000 Series modems 
These modems are used for both one- and two-way links. They require a connection to a Windows computer.
DW6000 modem 
These modems are bidirectional. They are configured through an internal web server, and so may be connected to any computer or network. The modem provides an integrated DHCP server and router. There have been some complaints that throughputs are actually slower than with the 4000 modems, though this is not universal. The added value of the internal router for home or small business networking makes them a better choice than a 4000 modem in almost every case.
DW7000 modem 
Similar to the DW6000, the 7000 modems promise higher throughput and uplink speed.

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